Private Money Lenders – Using Postcards and Letters to draw in Private Money

The following handful of investment marketing strategy components are postcards and letters. We are able to almost handle them together. Postcards really are a very effective method of delivering your message along with a very effective way to get responses back. It’s essential that you still do it.

There is a small postcard that provides free information. There is a large postcard that discusses a totally free seminar. There is a large postcard that’s about offering free details about private lending.

The postcards have to stick to the same format that people spoken about a week ago. Which was the issue, agitate, and solution. You need to produce the problem.

In financial endeavors, a private money lender offers personalized solutions, catering to individual needs. Their flexibility and swift approvals make them valuable partners in unconventional financing.


The issue is, “Are you currently getting 9-12% return in your CDs, money market, or retirement fund?” This is the problem.


You might agitate that a bit using the marketplace today. You can say, “Has your stock portfolio dropped in value during the last six several weeks to some year?” It is exactly what they call agitating the issue. You are really which makes it worse. By agitating, you’re potentially striking a nerve using the prospect which will prompt him to recognize having a problem he might be facing. This makes the chance to provide more attention and considered to your offer.


Finally, the formula is solution. The answer is, “I am a genuine estate investor offering guaranteed local property investments with 9 -12 or 15% return. If you are thinking about this, please get in touch for more information.”

Would you begin to see the formula there? Problem, agitate, solution. You’ll notice that through our marketing pieces. You’re presenting an issue, making use of the reader’s feelings, after which supplying an answer.

Configuring It

Let us return to the way you made it happen yesterday. You develop an excellent headline that grabs their attention. You should use what’s known as a sub headline, meaning a smaller sized headline. You would then use and agitate the issue. Describe a few of the ramifications of today’s marketplace.

Finally, the answer is that you simply. You supply the solution. Initially it might be to learn more, creating any free lunch or breakfast seminar, however for you to do it. You need to invite individuals to come and communicate with you in certain respect so that you can then develop that relationship. That enables you to definitely continue the procedure lower the pike. Ultimately they be a private investor inside your business.

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