Data Analytics 101: Here’s What Your Company Needs To Know

Business decisions must be backed by real data. Just gathering data from the market and consumers is of no use, unless your company can translate the information into actionable data. It is easy to understand the importance of data analytics in business intelligence and decision making. Unfortunately, not all companies are well-versed with the concept and process of data analytics, ad more often than not, they end up spending a lot more in maintaining an in-house team, when the same job can be outsourced profitably to a third-party service.

Why seek help with data analytics?

There is no denying that data analytics is complicated, and businesses gather considerable information on a regular basis. To be more precise, the volume of data gathered can be hard to process. Outsourcing data analytics allows a company to leverage the expertise of the concerned service, while focusing on their basic business goals at the same time. As an entrepreneur, you can rely on these big data analytics services, for almost everything – from data integration, data warehouse, to analytics, reports, and dashboards. They also offer help with data tool migration and upgrades, as well as, with selecting these tools.

Finding the best team for the job

Companies that specialize in data analytics need to have experience with cloud-based offerings. For example, Business Intelligence on Cloud and Cloudera for Hadoop Enterprise. You want the company to have more experience with regards to your industry, and they must be able to offer tangible and scalable solutions, using data for effective decision making. As the importance of AI continues to grow, you can expect to help assistance with data and bots, cognitive services, and even prediction models. The scope of data analytics is only expanding every year, and as an enterprise, you must find better means to utilize the potential.

Reviewing choices

If you want to hire the right service, you have to compare their work with what others offer. Expertise with Things and cloud computing is particularly important, and domain experience has to be considered. Data analytics is particularly important for companies in healthcare, manufacturing, media and insurance sectors. You may also want to check if the concerned service uses some of the industry-leading real-time data analytics tools, such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Informatica, and Pentaho.

Check a few case studies, what a company has done for other clients and if they can fit into your requirement board.