Signs That Your Company Needs An Identity & Access Management Tool!

With digitization of most businesses processes and complex IT environments, companies are having a hard time managing compliance needs and data security. Data breaches don’t just have financial consequences, but can damage the reputation of a company beyond repair. A considerable number of security lapses, cyberattacks, and data breaches, can be attributed to insiders, and that’s exactly where the term “insider threats” comes in the picture. Insider threats are more convoluted, because often, it is related to errors, unauthorized access and a result of sheer access right management.

Identity & access management tools aim to offer an environment, where companies can actually take control of who accesses important data, apps and resources at a given point and time. An IAM tool is absolutely necessary, and in this post, we are decoding more on this.

Does your company need Identity & access management tool?

Every company needs to invest in identity & access management in some form, but having a complete suite does have many benefits. However, there are a few tell-a-tale signs that your company definitely needs to spend on IAM tools, such as –

  • Your company doesn’t have a system to monitor and check user access, and there have been serious issues in managing such rights granted to each user.
  • Your current IAM system is ineffective and has cause chaos.
  • Your Identity & access management system has been relying on-premise resources that are proving to be tough to manage for managers.
  • Your company has been getting a lot of audit remark on user access and management of rights.
  • You are interested in automating Identity & access management to the best possible extent and would like to have a proactive stance.

What do Identity Suites offer?

Every suite or tool designed for access management is unique, but at the least, the purpose of such tools is to simplify and assist companies in managing users and having a transparent system that promotes accountability. Also, Identity & access management tools ensure compliance and simplify the process of reporting and auditing, depending on the features offered. The tool can work over the cloud as a service, could be a software, or a mix of both. Some features may include automatically cancelling accounts that are suspicious, or having a set of services and tools that simplify privileged user access.

Now that you have a fair idea of why access management is so critical for your company, check online now and find more on the tools offered by top developers.