How Facebook Messenger Chatbots Make a Difference in Marketing Today?

Being a manager or an owner of an internet conducted company, or having a webpage that sells products online is a great thing that can be very profitable. However, it is a lot of work and needs total devotion to the work.

Also, the owners need to pay extra attention to many issues including the marketing problem. Marketing is one of the biggest and most important features of every company these days. How much a company will be successful depends directly on how good the marketing strategy will be.

This being said, you as an owner, need to know every single detail of it. If there is something that can be helpful, you must adjust your page and take action immediately. In this article, we’re talking about the trending Facebook Messenger marketing that can be very helpful in creating a successful e-store and a business that’s working online.

What is the Facebook messenger chatbot?

This chatbot is connected directly to the Facebook profile of every visitor that comes to your page. If the visitors want help from the chatbot they’ll have to connect to it by allowing your page to sync with their profile on that social network.

After this, the bot will be able to answer their questions and offer help in getting around the site. It is also available to give them recommendations, keep them amused by asking interesting questions or conducting quizzes, etc.

Why is this option great?

The best part of this bot is that it can get a lot of information about your clients. This is the most important feature. By logging in and connecting the bot to the person’s profile, you instantly get information on their name, location, e-mail, picture, and much more.

All this can be used later for creating different strategies and actions. If you have a new product or you decide to put your products on sale, it’s important for your previous customers or at least visitors who were interested in something you’re selling to know that you have an activity going on.

How are you going to let them know if you have no information about them? This way, you have everything in your hand. You can prepare a newsletter and send it to everyone that was a part of your page. Take a look at this link if you want to learn more about the basics for sending newsletters.

Some might say that that’s what company profiles on social networks are, but this is not that easy. Facebook and the rest of the social networks are now having restrictions on how gets to see your ad. If you want to get a larger group of people to see what you offer, you’ll have to spend a lot of money.

On top of this, you can’t target properly. You don’t get to choose who’s going to see what you offer. If you sell trending shoes and the ad is being seen by a senior then that’s one perfectly tailored ad gone in the wrong way. Targeting is essential.

With this, you get to target with 100% accuracy. All these people who visited your page are interested in some of your products without a doubt. That means sending them a newsletter is the best targeting any marketer could do.

Another thing that these chatbots can do to raise the information collecting, is to ask some questions that you as a company might be interested in. For example, what is the perfect color for our new shoes? What would you change in our new model? All these answers can be highly valuable for the growing of the brand and creating something that customers will love even more.

How hard it is to install?

Even if you’re not an IT expert, this is simply nothing more than a software like every other one out there. All you have to do is set it up after the installation.

Some of the most important issues after installing it are the type of questions that the bot will be able to answer and the behavior toward the customers. You’ll need to program it to answer correctly and lead people to your products. The most important thing aside from collecting information is making sales. With the right strategy and the proper behavior, the bot can help in raising a lot more sales than before.


As you can see, the chatbots who are connected to Facebook can make a huge difference. With more than 2 billion users around the world, no company wouldn’t be satisfied with what they can do.

If you’re hesitating what type to use and is there a better option, you can be sure that nothing beats this one. Installing it and just doing a test run will show you what kind of difference it will do.