Five best insurance covers for plumbers

Plumbing is a profession of skill that often involves unseen and unknown risks. While it might look like a task involving only fixing leaking pipes; there are risks involved in every step. Be it causing harm to yourself, causing damage to the property where you are working or losing your tools, etc; plumbers can face multiple hazards during their job. Insurance for plumbing business is designed to protect plumbers from such hazards. Take a look at the 5 types of insurance policies that plumbers should consider for their safety.

  1. Public Liability insurance

Plumbers often work in public properties where there are chances of damage to the property or a person due to their actions at work. A liability occurs when the client claims of leaking pipes or damage to the property after the work is done. A person might be injured if he is tripped over the equipment installed required for plumbing. In such scenarios, public liability insurance will cover the plumber against the cost of repairs, replacement, medical bills, and any other relevant cost.

  1. General property cover

Plumbers carry their tools and equipment to work along with them wherever they have to travel for contracts. There are possibilities that the gear is lost, damaged, or stolen. This would not only cause inconvenience but is also a costly affair to repair or purchase new tools. General property insurance is designed to cover the tools that you carry along. So in case of a mishap with the tools, plumbers will not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on fixing them or buying new ones.

  1. Life Insurance

Although plumbers are not at risk of losing their lives as long as they are working in a safe environment; the harsh reality is to be faced. One has to think of their family after their death. Life insurance provides a decent amount to the family following the individual’s death. This amount is sufficient to let the family cope financially. The family can clear loans and debts and save for general expenses with a life insurance policy.

  1. Workers compensation cover

This insurance or cover is a must for contractors who run a plumbing business and have employees under them. A worker’s compensation cover is designed to protect both, the contractor and the employee.

This means that if an employee is successful following a worker’s compensation claim, the insurer reimburses you for any ongoing payments that you make.

  1. Personal accident and illness cover

Most plumbers are self-employed. While this is an advantage in terms of freedom to work etc, there are certain disadvantages too. In a scenario where the plumber is sick and can no longer continue to work, the income stops too. A personal accident and illness cover makes sure that the plumber receives a part of their regular income during that period. This is a benefit as they can maintain a lifestyle and pay bills until they get back to work.

Buying an Insurance for plumbing business can be a life savior for yourself and the family. Although an insurance cover does not guarantee safety at work, plumbers should keep all necessary safety measures in mind while at their workplace.