Dividing an Office Space

There can be many reasons for designing a new floorplan of an office; you might be changing the way you work or need to accommodate more staff as your company expands. You may be changing premises and moving to a brand-new space; this can benefit from a blank canvas on which your ideas can create a perfect workspace for both you and your staff.

A Superb Option Available

One popular medium employers use when creating unique workspaces in both new and existing spaces in the different office glass partitioning systems. Easily and quickly installed by a good supplier, it allows natural light to flow through an office, bringing many benefits such as staff well-being and productivity. It is a flexible type of business system that can be used in numerous ways, from a simple single wall to individual glass partitions in a larger room to a full stand-alone meeting room with all four walls being glass.

Types Of Glass Partitions

There are several different types of glass partitions, from the simple single glazed or more involved double-glazed partitions, which have a decent level of acoustic performance. There are then several specialised types of glass partition which offer increased performance in some other areas, these include –

  • Acoustic glass – specially coated for higher acoustic sound insulation, suited to more private areas such as HR meeting rooms.
  • Fire-rated glass – treated to provide further protection in exposed to fire, can be used for routes for fire evacuation.
  • Smart glass – uses a chemical between two layers of glass that can be switched from clear to opaque glass at the touch of a button.
  • Curved glass is a premium product; curved glass creates uber modern-looking workspaces with high aesthetic qualities.

It is also possible to have various blinds and shutters installed in double-glazed partitions to add a further option if privacy is required but only at certain specific times.

Creating the Perfect Office

If, in theory, you have chosen to use glass partitioning in your new office design, you will also want to improve the other workspace areas to complement each other. Creating an office which staff will enjoy being in and visitors, be they potential new clients or existing customers, will be impressed. Areas in which you can do this can include –

  • Décor – choosing the right colours for the workspace can increase staff motivation and well-being.
  • Plants & Planting – case studies have found increased foliage brings increases in many areas of productivity and aesthetic quality.
  • Furniture – new advances in ergonomic design mean many choices when choosing a new kit, from chairs to whole workstations.
  • Staff areas – improvements to kitchens, break rooms, and restrooms increase staff happiness.

You can harmonise these different areas to produce an office space to wow everyone who spends any time there; it can only benefit you and your company.