Analysis on Hubei Bearing Industry

Bearings are crucial components for big equipments. They may be used to determine the relative motion position from the rotation axis along with other parts. Recently, to be able to accelerate the interest rate of production and industrial transformation and upgrading, China bearing industries boom rather rapidly. And China has joined the ranks of world bearing producing countries.

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Lengthy-established enterprises like ZWZ get back their glory. Some primary bearing industrial bases for example Cixi (Zhejiang), Linxi (Hebei), Linqing (Shandong) develop rather rapidly. As with Hubei, the bearing industry also will get eliminate its past sluggish and turns into a rising star within the national bearing industries. An impact industrial base along with a famous bearing enterprise appear clearly in Hubei.

A commercial base: Xialu (Huangshi) bearing industrial base

Xialu district of Huangshi City in Hubei has lengthy been an essential bearing manufacturing base. Huangshi Bearing Factory used to be famous. However, because of the aging from the old companies and also the new market competition, bearing industry in Huangshi faces enormous challenges. Recently, the Xialu district seizes the chance of city’s implement strategy. It proposes the industry clusters should focus on a core and promote two leading industries. In other words, it will need the machinery processing and manufacturing industries since it’s core meanwhile, it has to get the bearing and tube industries. The district promises to introduce a lot of projects that have much investment and return. It intends to develop a precision bearing manufacturing base within the center of south China.

After a number of reform measures, the bearing industry in this region achieves an immediate development. Many large enterprises rise rapidly. This good development trend attracts much investment from some large companies like the ZWZ and also the C&U Group.

An impact company: Xiangyang bearing company in Xiangfan

Among the four large bearing companies in China, the Xiangyang bearing company had great deficit from 2000 to 2002. It’d even been suspended from listing. But through restructuring, the organization seeks all possibilities for “rebirth”. For instance, it implements the program for trademark. The registered trademark “ZXY” is known as a nationwide famous trademark by Condition Administration for Industry and Commerce. The attached goods are various like the tapered roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, round roller bearing and so forth. Besides, it invests about countless capitals introducing professional and technical personnel at home and abroad. It creates 28 sales branches and 14 distribution centers in the united states.

After a number of reforms, the Xiangyang bearing company makes much progress. Its anti-risk ability is improved upon considerably. However, if the organization really wants to get back yesteryear glory, the organization continues to have a lengthy approach to take.