4 Main Reasons For Why You Should Prefer Quartz Over Granite As Countertops

Granite or Quartz – Are you still confused with what kind of stone you should bring home to decorate your kitchen? Do you still believe in a material that can work longer than expected? Well, the answer lies in this article.

Before we move on to the sites such as graniteselection.com to search for the best quartz countertop, let us first try to understand the reasons why quartz has won over granite:

  1. Quartz Countertops Are More Durable

Although, granite has its own set of advantages, quartz has yet gained an increasing popularity. Anybody would like to go for a durable product when it comes to spending higher costs. And when you think about durability, quartz countertops last longer and are very strong with its material contents. A minor bump of any utensil into granite countertop will chip or crack it immediately; however, quartz is chip and crack-resistant.

  1. Quartz Countertops Have Easy Maintenance

Granite countertops need yearly sealing to prevent it from getting cracked or chipped. This sealing brings back the lustrous appearance. Quartz countertops do not require any such sealant. The regular factory polishing is more than enough to sustain its durability. No wax coating required too. This makes the material easy to maintain.

  1. Quartz Countertops Have Nonporous Surfaces

Granite countertops absorb any liquid or oil in it thereby leaving stain marks on it. The open pores or cracks in granite also promote bacterial growth. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are resistant to stains, oil and liquid. The factory coating on its surface ensures longer durability of the material giving no homes to bacteria.

  1. Quartz Countertops Are Long-Run Stones

Granite loses its appeal and life if it gets bumped by any heavy kitchen utensil. You will either need to get the whole thing changed or reshape the entire structure which is both, time consuming and costly too. Quarts, on the contrary, help you save a lot of time and money because of its low maintenance as discussed earlier. Due to its increasing popularity, quartz countertops are made more durable and accident-sustainable.