What Must You Be Aware Of Cardano City?

Cardano City is acknowledged as an evolving project that is formed on the blockchain of Cardano. It is one of the highly ambitious projects of Cardano NFT that feature more than 50,000 exclusive NFTs. The project of Cardano City has been planned to turn into an evolving project. Its story would develop when more NFT artwork gets released. Currently, this project is in the development stage as it has 50 committed pre-sale rounds that cater to the ADA holders.

When you wish to possess a Cardano City NFT, you need to be well-acquainted with decentralized Cardano wallets besides owning ADA. For taking part in the pre-sale rounds, a user can buy ADA on Phemex besides sending it to the decentralized ADA wallets. When you wish to involve yourself in the pre-sale of Cardano City, you must learn the rules well. 

Taking part in pre-sale of Cardano City

The pre-sale round of Cardano City will feature 50 rounds, and the cost of NFTs will enhance with each round gradually. When the pre-sale phase is concluded, then the NFTs will trade on the decentralized NFT marketplaces exclusively. For taking part in the pre-sale round of Cardano city, users will be required to install a well-known Cardano wallet, like Nami or CCVault. The wallet would possess an exclusive Cardano address.

The sale rounds will feature 1005 NFTs, and when they are added, the number will exceed 50,000 NFTs, and they will be sold towards the finishing of the pre-sale. With every round, the cost of the NFTs would increase gradually. For example, the 1st round will cost $10 or 10 ADA per NFT, whereas the 2nd will cost $15 or 15 ADA. This way, it will continue until the finishing of the pre-sale.

The very first step includes reserving an NFT, and the NFT will become blurred out after some time. Then the user will be required to confirm that he wants to take part in the pre-sale. However, a user is not eligible to reserve more than one NFT. For every payment, a novice wallet address becomes generated. The min. that users can buy is 1NFT, whereas the max. he can buy is 10 NFTs. Users get only 10 minutes to send ADA to a wallet before they can claim the NFT.

When users make up their minds to deposit the ADA, they receive a claim link, and here, they become qualified to have their Cardano City NFTs. After this, they become owners of the NFTs, and they can also make future updates. Owners will be required to update these NFTs as the team will not update them automatically. 

Trading a Cardano City NFT on Phemex

A Cardano City NFT isn’t supported on Phemex, but a user can trade his present crypto for ADA before sending them to some decentralized wallets, like CCVault or Nami, for taking part in the pre-sale round. Again, they can also trade on the marketplace of a Cardano NFT. To start, you need to visit the section “Buy Crypto” and buy ADA, and for this purpose, you can use a bank transfer or your debit card. The ADA would get deposited within a couple of hours.