The Best Politically Correct Careers For Caring Citizens

Are you looking for a career path that will allow you to help people, help your country and do it in the most politically correct way. Knowing that you will be going with the flow of society where ever that flow leads, without making waves? If so there are a number of politically correct career paths you can take. And perhaps you should be thinking here. Let’s explore some of these most excellent career paths for a moment, and then you can pick one and live happily ever after. Are you ready to begin? Okay here we go:

An ACLU Lawyer:

These are the lawyers that sue on behalf of politically correct causes and if you work as an ACLU lawyer you will be around your own ilk all the time, and you can become very popular and always be at the center of debate with your name in the news.

A Reporter for Major Media:

Being a reporter can be hard work, but if you have politically correct leanings, you will do well in the industry as so many others, just like you work for major media companies. This way they, and you, can force your opinions on the rest of our society! YAY.

A College Professor:

Most of academia is very liberal and by becoming a professor you can help shape (some say brainwash) the minds of the impressionable students and next generation, so they can continue to serve your will to make America more politically correct and everyone equal. Plus, you will always feel important and you can give harsh grades for anyone of a different opinion, enabling you to censor their free speech, and think of all the power you will have.

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