Looking for a Brand New Vape?

Are you thinking of getting a new vape? Have you managed to kick smoking to the curb and been using your vape pen for a while? Looking for something new and more powerful? If so, read on. I’ll look to give you some excellent options to upgrade your cloud maker.

What Type of Vaper Are You?

When progressing from a vape pen to a more involved vape device, it’s important to ask yourself what type of vaper you are or want to be. There are two specific types of vaping; first up is what’s known as Mouth-To-Lung or MTL; most new vapers are MTL vapers as they draw the vapour into the mouth and then inhale similar to smoking cigarettes. MTL vapers prefer a high flavour vape with good throat hit again like smoking tobacco. The other form of vaping is termed Direct-To-Lung or DTL; this refers to vapers who draw the vapour directly into their lungs. Using a vape device with a sub-ohm coil that allows e-liquid to be burned to give larger clouds of vapour, these devices usually are at the very pinnacle of vaping machines.

Let’s Talk About Pods

An excellent choice for your next vape device would be a vape pod, and they are the latest innovation in the vaping world; with a user-friendly all-in-one design, they incorporate an internal battery and a built-in coil within a pod. The pod replaces the traditional coil and tank arrangement; once the coil in the pod has expired, simply change the pod with none of the associated mess when changing the coil in your tank. Let’s now take a look at some specific vape pods.

Some High-End Options

A great example of this new type of vape machine is the Smok nord range; with various models, they all give the vaper the flexibility to change from both MTL and DTL types of vaping and if they choose to different flavours of e-liquid. With a stylish design ethic, they offer top-end vaping to their owner; the latest edition, the Nord X, is also waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. Also, an excellent choice is Voopoo’s Drag range of vape pods, and they offer state-of-the-art technology with a styling using premium materials to give the owner an amazing look. Their Drag S model has an upgraded pod with adjustable airflow, improved leakage protection and redesigned mouthpiece to provide a superb vape. Different vape pods worth investigating include Innokin’s Coolfire and Vaporesso’s Target PM80.

The Low Down on Sub Ohm Vaping

If you have dreams of super huge clouds of vapour, you’ll need to get a specific type of coil to go with any new machine you might purchase. Most Vape pods being of contemporary design, are compatible with sub-ohm coils; these coils, in basic terms, allow for a faster flow of current which, when combined with a thicker 70/30 high VG e-liquid, produce larger amounts of vapour. This also involves the DTL type of vaping, inhaling straight into the lungs, it might be what you’re after, but it’s not for everyone.

I hope you’re now better equipped to choose your next vape device, happy vaping!!