How to Keep Clients Safe in Your Workplace

Regardless of the type of workplace, management must ensure that both employees and clients are safe. Otherwise, clients along with employees will be put off by the lack of preparation against the current deadly virus.

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Here are some useful steps to take to provide better safety for all.

Temperature Checks and Hand-Washing Stations

Temperature checks at the door and handwashing stations nearby should be standard now.

Temperature Checks

Performing a temperature check on all employees and visitors is the first line of defense.

No-contact temperature checking tools allow fast verification to highlight anyone who may have an elevated temperature level.

Hand Washing Stations

Employees and visitors alike will be touching tablet screens, picking up paperwork to read, and performing other actions. Also, they may make contact with desks and other surfaces while on the premises too.

To protect clients and staff, handwashing stations should be provided at the entrance to allow each person to cleanse their hands before proceeding. Insisting on this provides for the best opportunity to avoid bringing germs into the workplace.

Disinfect All Surfaces Regularly

Also, nightly cleaning of all surfaces to disinfect them is sensible too.

Wearing Facemasks

Wearing a facemask should be mandatory in all workplaces to prevent the spread of germs.

The company can provide sealed face masks that can be worn by employees and clients visiting the premises. They can then be disposed of using a trash receptacle, specially positioned near the door for this purpose.

In some situations, wearing gloves might be appropriate. For instance, if staff and clients will be passing paper contracts back and forth, or other circumstances where contact with the same item is unavoidable, then gloves are preferred. However, a facemask and a handwashing process provide excellent initial protection.

Elbow Bump Handshakes or Simply Acknowledgements

As has become more common now, in business situations where usually executives would shake hands, use an elbow bump instead.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to get close enough to do so, then consider simply holding up a hand in front of you to indicate everyone should stop moving forward. Then present your verbal thanks for their taking the meeting without touching in any way.

Install Plexiglass Separators

You may have seen them in some retail stores or offices already.

A see-through plexiglass shield is one that separates you from the client or customer who walks in the door. They protect from someone’s accidental sneezing in your direction when they’re already suffering from flu-like symptoms, which could put staff at risk.

Also, airflow is restricted because of the separator screen, so it provides automatic social distancing for anyone who’s more forgetful.

The plexiglass screens come in various shapes and sizes. However, some are more durable than others. It’s best to get one from a reputable source, such as the ones available from

Make People Aware of the Safety Procedures

Anyone working for the business or arriving should be made aware of the safety procedures in place.

It shouldn’t be too much of a problem because many companies have adopted similar procedures, often ones recommended by the CDC, to keep clients and their staff protected.

As long as a series of processes are in place to keep Covid out of the building, it limits the risks to everyone visiting the business or working inside of it. This in turn provides confidence to people who need to visit for business reasons.