How To Get Real Instagram Followers? These Simple Steps Would Tell You How!

Want real Instagram followers and fed up with the synthetic following? Avoid bots and fake followers. Create a community of loyal audiences. Organic engagement helps your page to grow from leaps and bounds.

With an ever-growing user base, Instagram is eye-candy for business promotions and is largely involved in promotional strategies. Be it movies, product launches, or an announcement of creative collaboration, Instagram is the ‘it’ place. However, to attract followers some smart marketing needs to be implemented.

Real followers are earned through persistent efforts. Real Instagram followers do not increase overnight. You need to have patience and the desire to serve your audience with freshly baked content and keep putting smiles on their faces. Engagement tactics focus on potential followers by liking their posts and commenting on posts of target profiles. Refrain from sites that guarantee a certain number of followers. Be assured that the user base is fake.

Sites that offer to expand your reach and increase engagement are better options than buying followers. The organic growth of the account through hashtag engagement and location engagement works well. Fake Instagram engagement even gets your account shadowbanned. Downsides also include poor quality traffic to your website, a higher bounce rate, and less time spent on pages.

When you search the term real Instagram followers, you would come across tons of sites offering solutions to increase your audience. For example, They promise to help your brand grow and expand your reach ‘organically’, meaning they are not fake profiles and the engagement is real. All you need to do is sign up and create an account. The rest will be taken care of by the app. Certain websites even do this for free.

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. Start with your bio. Make it attractive and keyword searchable. Promote your business in this space and add a link to your related business.

Experiment with the timing of your posts- try posting your content at varied times of the day, and observe closely when is the maximum engagement achieved. The more likes and comments, the more engagement, more the surge in followers.

An aesthetically pleasing profile is bound to attract more followers than a messy and unorganized page. The use of high-resolution pictures is highly recommended. Categorize your content and make good use of the highlights.

Use relevant hashtags. Avoid hashtag gimmicks such as #likeforlike, #followforfollow. The entire purpose of using a hashtag is to categorize your post under a certain topic and that will help your post to reach a wider audience. Users follow hashtags and even if they don’t follow you, they would get a glimpse of your hashtagged post.

Link your Instagram account with other social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter. Visibility and awareness are some of the most constructive ways to get discovered. Simultaneously, cross-promote your content across your social media accounts.

Instagram’s algorithm gets updated and modified regularly thus, one should aim for organic growth rather than paying for likes and followers. Of course, these shortcuts are heavily relied upon but the above-mentioned steps will definitely contribute to a robust presence and you will organically earn real Instagram followers.