GroMo Fintech App: Innovation to Earn Money Without Investment

Earlier, to start any form of business a huge sum of capital money was required. In today’s time, you can earn money without having to invest any sum of money. Gone are the days where a lot of capital was required to start a business. However, in today’s world you can start a business and make a life even if you don’t have any capital. There are multiple business options available in the market today that are better known as Zero investment business ideas.

These ideas do not require any investment but have the potential of providing greater results and rewards. So if you are looking to make money without having to invest anything then you are in the right place. However, before moving further it is important to understand what is zero investment business in India and how it operates.

Zero investment business ideas are such business operations that usually do not require any form of investment but still have the ability to provide profitable returns. Moreover, it is important for you to have adequate knowledge and talent that is required for that particular business idea. Along with that, it is also a matter of how much effort and time are willing to commit to that business. One such platform is GroMo, India’s leading fintech platform that is enabling individuals to earn money online by just selling financial products using their application.

Features of GroMo Application

Glow road application enables its users to earn money in a very unique way. An individual can download the application from the play store and start earning money. Just register yourself over the financial platform and become a GroMo partner today. After becoming a GroMo partner, you can refer financial products to other people within or outside your social network.

You will receive a commission on every successful transaction. The products that you can offer through this application are also not limited. You can offer multiple products ranging from credit cards to insurance and savings accounts to demat accounts. There are numerous Grow tree partner brands like Axis Bank, Bajaj Finserv, Paytm Money, Upstox, Freecharge and various other financial institutions. GroMo partner will then receive a commission if there is any successful conversion or sale of the product referred by him to other people.

Benefits & Features of GroMo Application

GroMo offers its users the advantage of accessing the application from anywhere in the world. Moreover, they can access this application anytime and earn money for making successful conversions. GroMo partners refer financial products to multiple users and then individuals can easily buy their desired products with the assistance of a funngro partner. The GroMo partner will then receive a commission on the basis of the sale of the financial product that was referred to by him. Along with this, there are various other features and benefits that are as follows:

No Investment

The major feature of this online fintech platform is that it enables its users to earn money online without investing anything in order to be able to earn money. You just need to download the Goro application from the play store and register yourself as a GroMo partner. After which, you will be entitled to commissions for every successful sale of any financial product that was referred by you.

Innovative Model

GroMo recently gained a lot of popularity in the fintech market space because of its unique business model. This innovative business model attracts a lot of individuals to actually download the application and register themselves as a GroMo partner. After which the individuals just need to refer financial products to people within and outside their network to generate revenue. On every successful sale of financial products the GroMo partners will be entitled for a commission on the total amount of that particular transaction.

Customer Engagement

The GroMo application enables you to determine the perfect financial product for your customer by just entering the details of your customer into the Glowroad application. The GroMo application analyses the information entered and then recommends the perfect financial product for your customer. Also, the In-app wallet feature enables you to keep a track of your earnings and also provides the shortest payout cycle in the entire market. Moreover, the GroMo partners can instantly transfer funds into their bank account with just a single click. The application also enables you to set follow up reminders to keep a track of customer follow ups, so that you never miss any customer appointments.

Data Protection

The GroMo application provides 100% protection for your data by providing end-to-end data encryption which helps in building and maintaining customer relationships.

Process of Becoming A GroMo Partner

To begin with the process of becoming a GroMo partner, you first need to install the GroMo application on your smartphone and register yourself by providing your bank account and other KYC details. Moreover, the process to become a GroMo partner is as follows:

Download the Mobile Application

Download the GroMo mobile application to begin with the process of becoming a GroMo partner and start earning online with their help of their unique business model.

Select the Preferred Language

After downloading the application, you need to select your preferred language. You can choose from English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.

After selecting your preferred language, you need to sign up in the mobile application. You can also login by verifying your mobile number. Enter your mobile number and an OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP received to complete the verification process.

Complete KYC registration Process

Enter your mobile number and OTP received on your mobile number along with your KYC documents. Submit your bank account details, along with your aadhaar and PAN card to process the process of becoming a GroMo partner.

Get more Customers

Once you’ve successfully become a GroMo partner, you can share financial products within or outside your network to grow your customer base. Moreover, GroMo even enables you with an existing customer base of more than 30 lakh customers.

Refer and Earn

Just refer these financial products to your social network and earn commission on every successful conversion. Moreover, you can refer GroMo to your friends and family, and with other people and earn up to 5% of your referral’s income.


On successful completion of becoming the GroMo partner, you can begin with your online business journey and start referring financial products to others in the market. GroMo enables its partners to sell multiple products online from the best financial institutions and generate revenue online. The financial products range from credit cards to insurance and from savings bank accounts to demat accounts and digital gold. You can sell these products with the help of GroMo’s work from home money earning business model. Download the GroMo application Today, if you wish to become a GroMo partner.