Follow these tips to make truly special video content

As you may already know, videos can be engaging especially when traditional content isn’t. That’s because humans are hardwired to pay closer attention to moving images than static ones which give them the capacity for a type of communication uncommon in other media: video storytelling.

How video content should be used

Video content is a lot of fun. It’s nice to watch, and it’s easy to make. But it’s dangerous because video content is so seductive they often forget that text is usually better.

There are two reasons they prefer video content to text. One is a matter of time: they have less time and attention than they used to, and videos can communicate more information faster. The other reason has to do with their brains: video content is significantly easier for us to process than text is.

It’s hard for me at this point in my life to remember what it was like before they had the internet. But they are sure at some point they spent more time reading books and articles than watching videos. And by “books” they don’t mean ebooks, but paper books physical objects you could hold in your hand, and that you had to turn pages to read. Videos are going to get more important. The rise of video on social networks and the growing number of video-centric social apps like Snapchat and Vine, as well as their new video-friendly updates (Snapchat Discover, Instagram video, and Twitter Vines).

It’s hard to ignore the growth in popularity of video content online. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular forms of content that people consume online. Cisco predicts that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. As they all know, YouTube is the king when it comes to videos. It’s also growing bigger than ever. According to Business Insider, has over a million users almost one-fifth of all people on the Internet.