Factors To Consider When Looking In Cirencester For A Serviced Office

When your company in Cirencester is expanding, and you need to find a larger office, it is something you must take your time doing to ensure you find the best option for your business. You must consider many factors that can influence the best office choice for your company and help keep your employees happy. Below you will find some of the factors you must consider that can help ensure you find the perfect offices to continue your business growth.

Your Budget

When working out the budget for your new office, you will need to factor in the cost of fitting it out once you have chosen the ideal serviced offices in Cirencester. You need to ensure that your budget matches your aspirations for the design and feel of your office, but it does not stretch your finances too thinly. When you have your budget and know how much you can afford, you can start looking at other factors before searching for the ideal office space for your business.


You will want to try and get an ideal location in Cirencester for your new office and ensure ample parking for all your employees who drive to work daily. However, you must remember that you will pay a premium for an office in a prime location with many amenities close t it. Consider the different areas that may be suitable for the new office, and also ask your employees about their preferences of location, and it can help keep everyone happy.

Transport Links

You will also want to ensure that the location you select for your new office has excellent transport links. You want to be close to main roads and motorways for vehicle drives and public transport options for those not driving. You will want to have easy access to bus routes and trains, which can also help attract top talent to your business when you expand and hire new employees when there are excellent transport links.

Enough Space For Expansion

You will also need to ensure that any offices you look at can cater to the immediate needs of your business, but there is also room for expansion. You do not want to be in the situation where six months into renting your new office you have already outgrown it and need to move to bigger premises. You will want to select a new office with more than enough room to continue growing your business and have space for the new employees that will require it for the next couple of years.

Energy Efficient

With the cost of living continuing to rise in the UK, you will also need to ensure that your chosen office is cost-effective and will not cost too much to run and maintain. You will need to ensure the offices are energy-efficient and will not require too much power to heat or cool, saving you money throughout the year. There are other ways you can help reduce your business’s energy usage, and you can click here to get some tips to help you save money on the running costs of your new office.