Does UX Design Affect SEO of A Website?

An entire generation of job seekers and consultants has grown up believing that keyword stuffing throughout any post and building some random links can shoot its rankings and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. However, with the recent change in how Google perceives the industry, things have become very difficult for them. Now, keyword stuffing cannot get you first page rankings. You have to focus on the overall experience of users and ensure it’s the best-in-class if you want to improve your site’s SEO. You can easily improve SEO with a better UX design.

From navigation to site speed, from smartphone friendliness to proper security measures, and from perfect color combination to top-notch features — you have to maintain a perfect balance of multiple UX design factors in order to keep users online on your site for a longer duration. When this happens on a regular basis, Google takes it into account and pushes your site rankings upwards in order for other organic visitors to see your website and visit it whenever they need something similar to what you are offering. So, don’t neglect UX design if you want to improve your website’s SEO score.