Decoding Sanitary Pumps: Types, Tips For Buying And More!

aSanitary pumps, for the uninitiated, are used for transporting and pumping liquids, slurries and solutions. These are used in a number of industries for diverse reasons. For example, in the food and beverage industry, sanitary pumps are used for pumping anything from milk and cream to fruit juices, while in the chemical industry, the same pumps are used for acids and chemicals. In this post, we are discussing a few aspects about sanitary pumps are worth knowing before ordering.

The options in sanitary pumps

There are four different options or types in the category of sanitary pumps, and the final choice depends on many factors, including the requirements, operations, and overall budget. The most common one is a centrifugal sanitary pump, which uses centrifugal force for generating velocity, with impellers that help increasing the same as required. The use of centrifugal sanitary pumps is more common in food and beverage industries. Positive displacement sanitary pump is the second one on this list, which use impellers for moving fluid in cavity, and that helps creating a vacuum. The third one is a jet pump, where energy of the liquid is converted into speed as the pump pushes the material through a nozzle. The final one is called an airlift pump, where the liquid or slurry is mixed with air, which reduces the weight and helps in delivering the slurry to an elevated level.

Tips for buying

In case of sanitary pumps, there are a few things that must be considered for buying, such as the speed settings. Some pumps work at a continuous speed, which might be required for selected operations, while others are designed with a control panel that allow controlling the speed. Not all sanitary pumps have a battery for backup, which can be a point to consider. Other things that need attention is the media temperature range, assembly, ability to move liquid to different sides, and discharge size. The power source can vary, because some pumps use AC/DC power, while others use fuel.

If you are ordering sanitary pumps for specific operations or industry needs, it is a wise idea to consider all the relevant features in advance. Find a manufacturer that can be relied on, and don’t shy away from asking for details and if they can offer replacement parts, if required. Also, get an estimate in advance and check the delivery time before confirming the order.