All you Need to Know About Retail Store Signage

Ask any retailer and they will happily confirm that signage is an important part of in-store design, and something you simply can’t afford to get wrong. If you are new to retailing and would like to know about some important aspects of in-store signage, here are a few tips from the professionals to help you create in-store signage that has the right impact.

Informational Signage

Unlike calls to action signs, the informational signage requires no response, and is designed only to inform store visitors regarding the location of entrances, emergency exits, restrooms and product placements. Any low-price sign shop (known as ร้าน ทํา สติ๊กเกอร์ ราคา ถูก in Thai) can design and print these for you, but you should ensure that the text is large enough to read from any store location, and the signs are hanging from the ceiling for easy viewing. This is a chance to use your company colours, and with text that is of a contrasting colour, people can easily read the information.

Calls to Action

These are designed to invoke a positive response, and are normally placed close to products, where they are most effective. Here are a few examples of calls to action signage:

  • Buy Now While Stocks Last
  • Sale Ends This Week
  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • End of Season Sale

The use of bright colours and small, eye-catching graphics help to draw the visitor’s interest, and with convenient placings that are near to your product range, store visitors will be encouraged to make a purchase.

Clear and Easy to Read

The fonts you choose should be clear and easy to read, as are the following:

  • Times New Roman
  • Impact Bolded
  • Gils Sans
  • Arial

Text size should be large enough to read from the furthest location, but not too big, as that would become more of a focus than you want.

Printed Stickers

These can be utilised in a number of ways, and by sourcing a local commercial printer, you can design your stickers to include your company colours and perhaps your logo. They can be placed on shop windows, glass doors, or even on shelf racking, and stickers are ideal for calls to action that can be place next to certain products.

Professional Design

Some commercial printers have an in-house design team, and their services are free to the customer, which is preferable to self-design. Simply tell the printer your ideas and they can transform them into the end product, and with a wide range of media that can be printed on, your in-store signage will deliver the right messages.

Branding is important, and in-store signage is a great way to help your customers identify your products by using company colours and your logo, and if you are lacking in inspiration, take walk in your local shopping mall and take note of the store signage, which might give you a few ideas. If you join forces with a local printer who has some design experience, they can help you design all of your signage, and your store will send out the right signals.