Advantages of CAMaster Foam Machining Centers and Routers

CAMaster foam machining centers have several advantages. Compared to other types of routers, they can cut through a wide variety of materials, including foam and plastic. In addition to their ease of use, they also offer accuracy and consistency. As an added benefit, they can perform various tasks at once, saving time and money. And, of course, they’re much quieter than most other types of routers.

ShopBot PRS Standard

You can’t go wrong with the ShopBot PRS Standard foam machining center when looking for a full-sized CNC router. This professional-grade router is capable of CNC cutting both hard and softwood. These tools also accept standard CAD files. In addition, you can use the software Partworks to create designs for milling. After you create your project, you can upload it to your printing account.

This CNC Router can cut up to 2,440 mm x 1,220 mm in size. It can cut sheet materials such as MDF, plywood, and high-density foam. It can also cut plastics, metals, and other materials. The machine is equipped with two robust design programs. They use VCarve Pro software to set the machine’s path. You can select different tool paths to create the final product. The “roughing” toolpath removes the most significant amount of material, while the “finishing” toolpath adds fine details.

ShopSabre PRO

There are numerous advantages to using a ShopSabre PRO foam CNC router. These products are specifically designed for precision cutting of foam and plastic. In addition, they come with an upgraded gantry, frame, and drive system. With the capability of handling various materials, these CNC routers are an excellent investment for increasing production and bringing work in-house. If you’re interested in learning more, contact ShopSabre for a free quote.

The ShopSabre PRO foam CNC routers are perfect for industrial applications and have a wide range of features to suit any business. For high-production needs, the ShopSabre IS Series is the ideal solution. The ShopSabre IS Series features three sizes to meet the needs of any business. And since they’re made for industrial applications, they’re sure to stand the test of time.

Makita RT0701C

If you’re in the market for a new router, you should consider the advantages of CNC foam cutters. They’re lightweight and portable and offer high-precision cutting. Plus, they come with various features, from an integrated servo motor to zone controls. You can choose which tools you need and configure the machine for different performance levels, like non-ferrous metal, plastic, and woodworking.

The Makita RT0701C foam cutter is a good choice if you plan to cut soft metals or materials like foam. It comes with a smooth start function, which minimizes the amount of shock your CNC machine feels during startup. The router can hold tools with a shank diameter of between 0.236″ and 0.276″ and has a wide speed range. It also has a 30-day return policy and a one-year warranty. The company sells this product in more than 40 countries, so you can feel confident in its quality.


CAMaster CNC Routers are ideal for various foam applications and are highly versatile. These routers are perfect for custom one-off pieces and large-scale production runs. Their advanced cutting technology provides the reliability to cut virtually any foam. And because CAMaster is an American company, you’ll get a great deal on this machine. Just compare the cost of this CNC router to the cost of comparable competitor models, and you’ll understand why CAMaster stands behind its products.

The CAMaster CNC Router is highly configurable, with multiple spindles, knives, pumps, and blowers. The process area is 49″ x 53″ (1244mm x 1346mm), and the machine can cut materials of standard sizes. This router is designed for performance-to-price ratios and has a welded steel frame and profile linear bearing rails.

Cobra Elite

The Cobra Elite CNC Router from CAMaster is a heavy-duty, fully integrated CNC machine for cutting wood, plastic, composites, and foam. An industry-best two-year warranty backs it. In addition, this machine boasts a 12 HP HSD spindle, precision rails, 10:1 planetary gearboxes, extended gantry heights, and a vacuum table.

Shopbot Desktop MAX ATC CNC routers are an excellent choice for more extensive workshops and higher-volume production needs. Its dual-deck design and automatic tool changer reduce production time and ensure accurate results. This machine also features anti-backlash technology and excellent design software. It’s CNC machining capabilities are unparalleled and will help you increase production and bring work in-house. This machine features an upgraded gantry, frame, and drive system and is compatible with various materials.

Cobra SignPro

The Cobra SignPro CNC router is a powerful machine designed to help you make significant and complex signs in less time and with fewer errors. It has brushless AC servo motors and planetary gearboxes to provide good holding torque and cutting performance. In addition, the Cobra SignPro features an oscillating knife and a built-in software program from Vectric, including robust V-carving, 2D CAD+CAM features, and G-code files. This machine is also fully customizable, featuring a vacuum hold-down system and a misting unit for aluminum. Its complete feature set gives you plenty of options and includes a lifetime warranty.

The Evolution 4 has a 32″ x 39″ footprint and weighs 47 lbs. The work area is 24″ x 24″ and offers a Z-axis travel of 3.3 inches. The machine is capable of cutting workpieces with a thickness of fewer than 3.3 inches. The Evolution 4 is extendable, with an optional extension kit that creates a total cutting area of 24″ x 50.5″. You can even use the extension kit to make 24-inch x 48-inch signboards.