5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Property Photography Before Marketing

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail or so the saying goes and there’s no situation when this statement is true as when you want to prepare a property for marketing. If you wish to get the best out of property marketing, you will have to prepare your property beforehand.

It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words, which means that images of your property will be a critical element in encouraging prospective buyers to view your property, so preparation is a critical step in creating the best images for marketing your property. It is advisable to get a topographical survey.

5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Property Photography Before Marketing

1. Declutter

It is essential that you make the property as widely appealing as possible when preparing it for marketing and decluttering is the best way to do this. For part one of preparation, less is usually more.

Try keeping items on surfaces to a bare minimum and hide everything that isn’t essential in cupboards and drawers. Buyers will want to focus on the room itself and spacious surfaces will allow them to do this.

Decluttering might be a critical element in creating appealing property images, but you don’t want to do it so much that it loses part of its character. Some properties are full of character and aimed for the more eccentric demographic. If that’s the case, be sure to leave some elements of character and avoid going overboard with decluttering since this will help sell your property.

2. Staging/Furniture Placement

You should carefully consider the placement of furniture to make sure that you make the most of the space. When positioning the furniture, consider the angles from which property photography may be taken. Moving items away from entrances/doors typically creates an impression of a more spacious room.

Use staging the help in drawing the eyes of buyers to certain aspects of the property. Dressing/staging the property also helps give the home a completed look. For instance, if you are targeting family-oriented buyers, you could stage the dining room/kitchen to make it look ready for a family meal.

3. Lighting

You should always make sure that curtains are open and drawn in the same orientation if you plan to take pictures. If you have blinds, make sure that each one faces the same way. You might be surprised to learn about the number of people that forget this important tip and are thus forced to redo their property images. It is a small mistake that unfortunately sticks out.

4. Clean

Have a quick spring clean before you have someone take professional photos. Reflective surfaces can clearly show on photos, which is why you must make sure that reflective surfaces are dusted and clean. Make sure that floors are hoovered and that beds are made.

5. Final Check

You should also remember to check the external of your property. First impressions usually last, so ensure that you are happy with how the property looks from the front as well as back. Make sure that any trees or shrubs are groomed, the grass is cut, and the bins are hidden from view. Remove your vehicles when taking images because they may ruin exterior images.

Your property will be ready for the photoshoot once you have ticked off the above to-do list. For the best possible outcome, it can be a good idea to edit your property images.