3 Important Do’s of Web Design Every Designer Must Follow

  1. Do keep it simple and straightforward

When it comes to web design Singapore services, it is always about having a clear and direct presentation. When a web page doesn’t display important info in a straightforwardly, then the clients will run to a provider that will deliver better services to them. You don’t need to overdo on every sentence, just work on shorter phrases, and give your client the information they need.

  1. Do use a color palette

They are one of the important foundations of graphic design, and every website require those principles to be more effective. For choosing the perfect color palette, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Tones must be aligned to the color of the brand
  2. Never use random colors and pay heed to the principles to make a good palette
  3. Contrast warm and cool colors
  4. Refer to a color emotion guide for using colors that generate what you actually need.
  5. There are many color scheme generators available online.
  6. Always choose your typography wisely

Any graphic designer will always agree that typography is an important part of any design. You cannot overlook this. Typesetting is a sample of judgment, and when you present your work in Comic Sans, your efforts will go down in vain. So always avoid having more than three fonts, several types of colors, and exaggerated borderline.