Introduction To Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is the next new big and in thing in the world today, both in terms of a secure and easy internet-based medium of exchange and as an ideal portal of investment. However, if you are interested in learning more about an easy method to purchase and deal in cryptocurrencies, or invest in cryptocurrencies, a good way for a newbie to do so is to enlist the help of a cryptocurrency broker and engage their services, especially one such as

Most people believe that the most convenient and feasible method of dealing in cryptocurrency is by signing up for an exchange. While it is an option for some, many people discount the sheer advantage that cryptocurrency brokers such as Coin2fx offer to their clients. You might wonder as to why a crypto broker even exists, given that there is a valid exchange portal for people to trade their cryptocurrencies – but the sheer benefit that the broker provides, especially for those not fully adept with crypto technology and blockchain is certainly immeasurable.


Even if you have been involved in trading cryptocurrencies, or involved in the process of mining cryptocurrencies, it can become difficult to find a platform that exactly suits your needs. Perhaps you have been searching for an ideal platform online, or are hoping to find a cryptocurrency broker that meets their trading requirements. One such platform that is likely to meet the trading requirements of those wanting to engage in cryptocurrencies is Coin2fx. It was established in 2010, meant to be a convenient and ideal solution for those wanting to trade various types of assets. Its headquarters are based in Marshall Islands, New Guinea and it is run by Kin Limited. Coin2fx has several interesting features that make it an ideal portal to trade crypto and other types of assets, and stocks. Read on to find out if it matches your trading needs.

Features of Coin2Fx

  • Utilizes Contract for Difference (CFD), rather than the commonly used MetaTrader4 enabling an improved and enhanced user experience: No one wants to trade on a platform that is clunky, annoying, and hard to use. A decent interface that is simple, intuitive, and cohesive is important for good trading experience. The trading platform on Coin2fx is extremely intuitive, ensuring that the trading experience of the customer is not impacted adversely. Not only is it simple to use even for the newest of the traders, but it is also constructed in a manner that requires minimal effort to process or understand. Most other traders and trading platforms utilize MetaTrader4, which may not provide a robust or easy experience for the users.
  • Plenty of Account options and payment methods: One of the aspects that make cryptocurrencies so difficult and cumbersome is the difficulty in making payments and cashing out transactions. However, with Coin2fx, this is one aspect you no longer have to worry about. Both withdrawals and deposits can be made as easy as a click of a button.  Cashing out is also tremendously easy, and not at all cumbersome. Credit and Debit Cards are supported, and so are wire transfers. The first withdrawal every month is also free of charge. Similarly, not everyone who is trading in cryptocurrencies is a millionaire or a billionaire and it is more than likely that someone starting has limited funds and is afraid to sink a whole lot of money initially. In this manner, Coin2fx is a great option since it has multiple account options that a person looking to trade can choose from. They are as follows:
    • Silver, with a minimum deposit of E500.
    • Gold, with a minimum deposit of E2500.
    • Platinum, with a minimum deposit of E10,000.
    • Diamond, with a minimum deposit of E50,000.
  • Wide asset options: Coin2fx is one of the reputable and authentic options for those who want to trade in cryptocurrencies. It has a wider scope than many other cryptocurrency brokers, as it deals with both cryptocurrencies as well as a Forex Broker. Forex broking refers to trade and exchange in foreign exchange. This brokerage firm has been a leader in the field of fintech or financial technology since its very advent. Not only does it provide a wide range of functional services to its customers, but it is also reliable and accessible across the globe, making it an extremely viable option for everyone. It also allows people to trade in the following:
    • CFD
    • LiteCoin and Bitcoin
    • Indices
    • Stocks
    • Coffee, Tea, Wheat, Corn
    • Silver, gold, and platinum
    • Gas and oil

  • For all of these reasons, Coin2fx is not only an ideal choice but also a safe choice for those looking to trade in either Forex or cryptocurrencies. If you believe that it will fit your trading requirements, go over and check out its seamless and user-friendly options!