Based in Cyprus ETFinance is an online brokerage. Operated by Magnum FX (Cyprus) Ltd, Cyprus Investment Firm is regulated by CySEC i.e. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It is one of the best brokers that traders can ever find in the market. It offers various CFDs along with which they also offer a range of products which comprise of shares and stocks, indices, commodities, forex. You must be thinking are they really the brokers with whom you should trade with? Well, the answer to your query is yes. Some of the important features of the company which is worth noticing are as follows –

They offer excellent trading platform. You can do trading via CFDs with a wide range of products. The trading which is applicable is a reasonable trading fee. The market access is for 24/7 hours. So, now you can do the trading easily with ETFinance brokers. There are many things that ETFinance offers traders with. It permits customers to do easy trade-in CFD products which comprise of commodities, Forex, stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and indices. Available currencies comprise of the following such as – exotic pairs, major pairs, and minor pairs. Agricultural assets, oil, and precious metals are some of the commodities which are available which the traders can trade with.

Leverages Provided –

FTSE 100, DOW30 and S&P 500 are some of the popular indices with which you can trade via CFDs. You can also access the market for 24 hours and 7 days, so now signing up for an account with ETFinance broker is an easy one. There are also options available for accounts. You can have a retail account or a professional account. On the type of account and the CFD product which you trade, the availability of leverage will depend. Leverage is available. On retail accounts, a leverage of 1:10 is available with commodities and indices.

On professional accounts, the leverage which is available is in the ratio of 1:50 by the ETFinance brokers. Leverages offered by the stocks and shares are 1:5 for retail and for professional traders it is 1:10. And for the currency pairs, the maximum leverage is 1:200 for professional traders. On pairs of currency, the retail traders can get the leverage of 1:30 and on exotics, the leverage is up to 1:200. And for cryptocurrency, the leverage offered by ETFinance is 1:1. There are also other kinds of auxiliary services which are being offered by ETFinance.

Services by ETFinance –

Their services comprise securing and management of financial instruments which comprise of the guardianship and related services. Also included are CFD products of good range, doing trade through CFDs which is accessible for all latest assets, and leverages available on both accounts which are reasonable. ETFinance has its main objective that is to provide services of a good value and take no trading fees and commissions on forex CFD trading, and also provide low commissions on various instruments such as commodities. With currency trading CFD, the broker’s advantage is taken from the spreads. ETFinance provides a floating spreads, so that they can differ.

Commission Free Model –

There is a model which has been made by the ETFinance broker and that is a commission-free model. In this model, the CFD forex traders can do the trading activity frequently. Plus, they don’t have to pay the transaction fee. It is one of the most appealing options for traders. There will be no commission and trading fees on CFD forex. There are competitive spreads for 80 wide-ranging markets. And along with this on other instruments, the commissions are also very low. So, this is one of the best trading platforms for traders offered by ETFinance.

Different Trading Platforms –

One of the most important parts of our ETFinance review is updating you about the fact that ETFinance also offers a different trading platform to the traders and also offers mobile trading. Three different platforms are being offered by ETFinance so that they can meet the different needs of the traders. They offer a web trader platform which is a platform entirely based on the web and it can be used easily from any compatible browser. Next is the cutting edge platform, which will provide a trading experience which is par excellence. It offers technical indicators and trading tools with a simple and highly spontaneous interface.  For the novice trader, now they can start trading using the demo account if they wish to do trading with the web trader platform.

ETFinance also offers an MT4 trading platform also. It can be used on both desktop and also on mobile devices. It has the following – wide-ranging features, integrated tools, technical indicators, auto trading facilities, etc. Now mobile trading can also be done which is designed in a special way and it is available on IOS and android devices. The user experience with the free mobile app is excellent. Plus, ETFinance also offers live chatting from customers via phone and e-mail options are also available. Customer support is 24/5.